Famous African Art (Clay Pot)

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Famous African Art (Clay Pot) made with  Earthen Organic Clay Handmade  clay pot Curd Mug or Handi 250ml for Kitchen Use



Most Famous African Art work Near me – Ultimate Traditional Designs

African Art (Clay Pot) Made with Original Clay by the people Esu people of Cameroon North west  are well-known for their gracefully shaped and delicately painted water containers. The surface paintings are applied after firing with all natural pigments. The graphic, geometric designs closely relate to patterns that are woven in their textiles.

African Art (Clay Pot) is beautifully defined by its long neck accentuated with stripes and well proportioned handles. The top rim is not smooth, designed with four ridges to help support other stacked vessels.

The once vibrant bodice with geometric shapes pointing to its waist has mellowed with years of use over fires that have left marks of maturity. Drinking water from this clay pot is as fresh as ever. The pot is also use for cocking as well

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Famous African Art
Famous African Art


African Art (Clay Pot)

– height 7″ ( 18 cm).
– width 7.9″ (20 cm).

Pottery culture has been very developed in Cameroon  since ancient times.
The Sao culture is a great proof of that.
Pottery is still used for its intended purpose in North west villages by families serve the table with pottery for Christmas, Easter and other holidays.

Uses of Ancient clay pot

African Art (Clay Pot)

African Art (Clay Pot) Traditions have survived to this day. Each region has its pottery workshops and its unique style.
Unique are the old pottery, which was made and used in the 1910s – 1930s or even earlier. Of course, such utensils have signs of use and time, but this is its charm.


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African Art (Clay Pot)

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