Beaded Queen Stools Cameroon

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Beaded Queen Stools Cameroon. This amazing piece is very old, it came from an old deceased collection. It is totally wrapped in a hessian type material.


Beaded Queen Stools Cameroon Best grade – Ultimate Traditional Designs

Beaded Queen Stools Cameroon African Art best design, is one of the  stunning stool has a round base and plateau covered with cloth and embroidered with cowries shells and red, blue, black and white glass beads. Four gorgeous figures uphold the top of the stool.

Each of the servant figures’ faces is uniquely decorated with delicate glass beads of varying colors. The rims of the stool are decorated with glass beads in an inviting triangle pattern.

 Beaded Queen Stools Cameroon Value

In Cameroon seats, in particular, were the prerogative of royalty. Only a ruler could sit on a seat depicting an animal. Certain carved wooden stools are reserved for important people in Western Cameroon: the Fon (king), chiefs, Ma Fo (a powerful female), and certain nobles. Some stools are for everyday use and others are used during the meetings of traditional societies.

Each quarter of the rims features its own color pallet, giving the stool a different appearance from every angle.

Perfect for home decor or wedding gift.

Dimension: Each piece measures H: 8″ x 3.5″ W

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Specification Beaded Queen Stools Cameroon

Beaded Queen Stools Cameroon

Unidentified Bamileke artist
Azobe hard wood, cowries and threads.
Stool  art, Royal Stool
55 x 21 in. (139.7 x 53.3 cm)
early 20th century
Grass fields area, Western Africa and the Guinea Coast, Cameroon, Africa

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Beaded Queen Stools Cameroon

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