Traditional Bridal Gowns | Toghu Wedding Gown | Toghu Bridal wear 1 superb

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Traditional Bridal Gowns Online is an astonishing and incredible handless designs with beautiful flare highly embroiled making it outstanding.





Traditional Bridal Gowns| Toghu Wedding Gown | Toghu Bridal wear | Ultimate Traditional Designs

Traditional Bridal Gowns Online  for sale at best prices. The Traditional wedding attire gown, is a nice toghu gown that has the shape of a fish, it is a long  gown that flare at the downer part like the tail of a fish.

Bridal Gowns Online for sale is  embroiled with Flowers all round with the Toghu fabric. It is  Embroidered or marked with red and yellow threads. The marking has made the gown beautiful and sexy. The grown is mostly worn at Traditional wedding of west Cameroon as well as special events is also handless.

Toghu Care; Traditional Bridal Gowns

To preserve Cameroon outfit toghu gown for sale,  the Ndop fabric  or the Ndep  as it is called in the natives Tongue , please dry clean only. Or use the local soup do not use any bleach on the Toghu in other to maintain it originality

All measurements are in Inch
If you would like to send your actual measurements then you can send us a message after placing your order

How To Measure

Traditional Bridal Gowns
Traditional Bridal Gowns

Measurements should be taken directly on your body for your Cameroon outfit


S 4-6 34-35 26-27 36.5-37.5
M 8-10 36-37 28-29 38.5-39.5
L 12-14 38.5-40 30.5-32 41-42.5
XL 16-18 41.5-43 33.5-35 44-45.5
XXL 20 45 37 48.5

Cameroon outfit Toghu gown for sale ;Size Conversion Chart
S (155/80A) S 4-6 6-8 36-38 34-36 40-42
M (160/84A) M 8-10 10-12 40-42 38-40 44-46
L (165/88A) L 12-14 14-16 44-46 42-44 48-50
XL (170/92A) XL 16-18 18-20 48-50 46-48 52-54
XXL (175/96A) XXL 20 22 52 50 56

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Delivery duties are included in the item price when shipping to all EU countries plus The United Kingdom, USA, Canada, China Mainland, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Singapore, Republic Of Korea, Kuwait

Mexico, Qatar, India, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan Region, Thailand, U.A.E., Japan, Brazil, Isle of Man, San Marino, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Egypt, Lebanon, Hong Kong SAR, the Canary Islands and Bahrain. All import duties are included in your order – the price you see is the price you pay.

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