Toghu Hat

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The Toghu hat is hand made and weaved with red threads and beaded with white cowries porcupine coats of sharp spines

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Toghu Hats  | Traditional Cameroon Hat | Toghu Hat best quality for sale  Ultimate traditional Designs

Traditional Cameroon Hat or Cameroon Basque was hand-woven and hand made in the North West Provence of Cameroon. This is a traditional ceremonial hat that is normally worn by elders or representatives at important ceremonies and used apart from that before the chiefs or rulers of their area.

The saphire-blue hand spun cotton, the messages woven into the design, its fine construction and the ageless beauty of this item make it an item of great interest to collectors around the world, while remaining a highly functional piece.


waxed cotton hat. This hat will keep you nice and cool in the summer. In addition, it is a great way to identify the wearer as a tourist. Whether for yourself or as a Cameroon souvenir, all traditional Cameroon hats are made by hand from natural fibers by artisans living in Cameroon.

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3 reviews for Toghu Hat

  1. Victoria Bessel

    Hat is beautiful, comfortable and very lightweight. I purchased it for my husband who has a big head and it fits him well plus he gets to wear it with our xmas outfit this year!

  2. Victoria Bessel

    I’ve searched high and low for a hat that can be worn in more than one way. My search is over! This hat has quickly become my go-to fashion accessory in my closet, as it can be worn three different ways. The colors are beautiful and vibrant, and the fabric is soft to the touch.

  3. Larry Ellison

    When Toghu hat arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the size. It is quite large and made very well! This is a perfect hat for anyone wanting to wear a fishing hat but not put their head at risk of sunburn or heat exhaustion. The canvas material is lightweight, cool and breathable. I love the front design with natural artwork as well as the comfort fit. There are also two metal grommets on each side that also provide ventilation, but best of all is the bendable metal wire on top of the brim which allows you to make your own curve shape! This can be wrapped around your head for a snug fit or bent down around your neck like on most trucker hats. The removable cord also gives it more versatility while allowing you to adjust according to your needs.

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