Porcupine quill Hat

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Porcupine quill Hat is hand weaved with black threads and designed with cowries and mostly used by Royal class in Africa.

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Porcupine quill Hat | Traditional Cameroon Hat | Toghu Hat best quality for sale  Ultimate traditional Designs

Traditional Cameroon Hat or Cameroon Basque was hand-woven and hand made in the North West Provence of Cameroon. This is a traditional ceremonial hat that is normally worn by elders or representatives at important ceremonies and used apart from that before the chiefs or rulers of their area.

The saphire-blue hand spun cotton, the messages woven into the design, its fine construction and the ageless beauty of this item make it an item of great interest to collectors around the world, while remaining a highly functional piece.


waxed cotton hat. This hat will keep you nice and cool in the summer. In addition, it is a great way to identify the wearer as a tourist. Whether for yourself or as a Cameroon souvenir, all traditional Cameroon hats are made by hand from natural fibers by artisans living in Cameroon.

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5 reviews for Porcupine quill Hat

  1. Boris Kodjoe

    I received my porcupine quill hat today, it looks great. I ordered one for my sister and she also loves it! The design is lovely, it looks exactly like the picture. The quality of the quills are great too and they really stand out nicely on the hat.

  2. John Hills

    Beautiful Porpupine Quill hat. My son is thrilled with it and when we wear it to the beach or park we often get stopped by people asking where we got the hat! is always my answer. Am John Hills from Florida.

  3. Djimon Hounson

    This Porcupine hat is sooo beautiful. I can feel the softness of it, touch is silky as well. I got lots of compliments when wearing this headpiece on a regular basis. Djimon Hounson

  4. Shemar Moore

    This hat is gorgeous. I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere. It’s extremely well made and quality materials were used to manufacture it. There is a slight smell but nothing major or enough to make me change my opinion of this beautiful hat, which i am enjoying tremendously! Am Shemar Moore from Georgia

  5. Maurice

    Hi, my name is Maurice and I ordered a porcupine quill hat from I just wanted to say that I am extremely impressed with the quality of this hat and the reasonable price! I was a little nervous about ordering online, but now I know that your company is great and will order from you again in the future.

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