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Royal Toghu it is make- up of the original Ndop materials called velvet, and carefully embroiled by a specialists.




Royal Toghu Best Quality for sale – Ultimate Traditional Designs

Royal Toghu, it is make- up of the original Ndop materials called den, and carefully embroiled by a specialists. The Ndep Toghu is mostly worn by elderly people who carry along items like Drinking Horn, cup and traditional herbs in a hand bag.

Royal Toghu  is worn mostly to festivals, annual dances as well as birth and death celebration. The mixture of different colors in the Ndep Toghu gives it a beautiful look.  Mostly worn also by men and women use it on special occasions.

Royal Toghu or Atoghu is mostly used by the elderly or tittle holders  who carry along items like Drinking Horn, cup and traditional herbs in a Toghu hand bag made with raffia. It is mostly worn to festivals, annual dances, Marriages as well as birth and death celebration.

The mixture of different colors in the Toghu  makes it look gorgeous. Mostly Worn by men and women on special occasions. The Raffia-hang bag is usually handed on  their shoulder crossing from either left or right , therefore bringing out our true African nature.

Royal Toghu
Royal Toghu

Toghu Care; Royal Toghu

Royal Toghu, to preserve the Ndop  or the Ndep fabric as it is called in the natives Tongue , please dry clean only. Or use the local soup do not use any bleach on the Toghu in other to maintain it originality.


Royal Toghu, to choose the correct size for yourself, please measure your body or send us a current photo of yourself thank You!.

Bust: With your arms relaxed at your sides, measure around the fullest part of your chest.

Waist: Measure around the narrowest part of your natural waist, generally around the belly button. To ensure a comfortable fit, keep one finger between the measuring tape and your body.

Hips: With your feet approximately 6″ apart, measure around the fullest part of your hips. This area usually corresponds to the top of your legs.

Women’s Size Chart




XS 78 30.75 62 24.5 86 33.75
S 84 33.25 66 26 94 37
M 94 37 74 29.25 104 41
L 102 40.25 84 33 114 45
XL 110 43.25 94 37 124 48.75
2XL 114 45 100 39.45 128 50.5
3XL 120 47.25 106 41.75 136 53.5

Men’s Size Chart






XS 91-96 36-38 76 30 92 36.5 61 24 102 40.25
S 96-101 38-40 80 31.5 98 38.6 61 24 104 41
M 106-111 42-44 88 34.5 106 41.75 62 24.5 106 41.75
L 114-119 45-47 94 37 110 43.5 63 24.75 108 42.5
XL 121-127 48-50 98 38.6 114 45 64 25.25 110 43.3
2XL 132-137 52-54 104 41 120 47.25 65 25.6 111 43.66
3XL 139-142 55-56 113 44.5 126 49.6 66 26 112 44


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7 reviews for Royal Toghu | Atoghu | Toghu Cameroon

  1. Ronaldo Jese

    My experience with Royal Toghu is a good one, I found the website really easy to use and they have a wide range of products. They have a good selection and the prices are affordable. I am impressed with my purchase and would recommend Royal Toghu to anyone who needs quality items. From Cameroon and Africa. Ronaldo Jese from Portugal

  2. Benjamin Billson

    Am Benjamin Billson an American. This is the best made African native wear I have ever bought. The fit is perfect, and it is stunningly beautiful. Shipping was fast and easy, as well. I am very happy with my purchase!

  3. Johnson

    I love the outfits! The material is great and it has a lot of character. I got my order in no time and they even helped me with finding the right size since it was my first time ordering from this site. So glad I did that. Johnson From Ghana

  4. Aamina

    I just received my order and I love it. The red/white scarf is so vibrant and pretty, the Toghu has great shine and the fabric feels very soft and thick. I have seen similar scarves in department stores for much more, but not as nice as yours. Will definitely be a repeat customer!

  5. Gerald Geh

    This is the best dress i have ever bought for myself. As a Cameroon native and with ancestral ties to the royal family, I must say that this is truly beautiful and representative of the culture. It still give me goosebumps when i look at this beautiful creation. I wear it to church and special occasions. Ultimate Traditional Designs offers the best designs and price compared to other brands out there. It is worth more than what you pay for . . . . .
    Gerald Geh from USA

  6. Viviana

    I love Royal Atoghu Cameroon native wear it’s very beautiful and make me look great when wearing it. I recommend this native wear to anyone who want to buy their first African clothing or just like to upgrade what they already have.

  7. Feh Valery Ba

    I am a Cameroonian and I have used many times. In fact, in my recent trip to Cameroon I purchased a Royal Atoghu and an accessory from them. They are the best when it comes to quality and customer service. They make sure that you get your item on time and that’s always a plus.
    Feh Valery Ba from USA

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