Bamileke Elephant Mask | Kuosi Society Costume | Diy elephant trunk 100% Super

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Bamileke elephant mask used by the Kuosi society. A beautiful mask that is totally beaded which renders it quite heavy.




 Elephant Mask Society Kuosi Costume – Ultimate Traditional Designs

Bamileke Elephant Mask Kuosi (Elephant Mask) Society Costume high original. This ornate costume is comprised of a full-length tunic, long mask, wide headdress and fly whisk. The tunic is a coarse light brown fabric patterned with dark blue geometric shapes. There is a border of orange tinted animal fur around the hem.


Bamileke Elephant Mask Kuosi (Elephant Mask) Society Costume  mask is made of black fabric decorated with small blue, white, gold and orange beads in circular and diamond shaped patterns. It completely covers the head and extends in a wide strip down to the ground on both the front and back.

The mask has two round eye holes, and large cloth circles on the sides of the head that resemble exaggerated ears. The round headdress is narrow at the bottom, but expands outward as it rises upward to form a wide circle around the head.


Kuosi (Elephant Mask) Society Costume Texture

The headdress is made of hundreds of thin tubes of black cloth. From the top of each tube extends a single orange feather. Countless orange feathers are densely packed across the entire top surface of the headdress.

Held in the hand like a scepter, the fly whisk is completely covered in small beads of white, black, blue, yellow and red, patterned in nested diamond shapes. The bottom end of the whisk is divided into two tapering points like prongs. From the top of the whisk extends a long plume of thick brown animal hair. This costume also includes an ivory necklace and wooden bracelets.


Bamileke Elephant Mask
Bamileke Elephant Mask


Unidentified Bamileke artist
Glass beads, cloth
Fiber art, masks
55 x 21 in. (139.7 x 53.3 cm)
early 20th century
Grass fields area, Western Africa and the Guinea Coast, Cameroon, Africa

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2 reviews for Bamileke Elephant Mask | Kuosi Society Costume | Diy elephant trunk 100% Super

  1. Achakeng M

    ★★★★★ I bought the Bamileke Elephant Mask. It looks great and fits perfectly. I can’t wait to wear it to the festival. Thank you! Ultimate Traditional Designs

  2. Atemkeng

    My name is Atemkeng a Cameroonian Living in USA. I love elephants and I just ordered this mask to hang on my wall. It arrived today and is even more beautiful in person.

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