African Wax Print Fabric by the yard 100% cotton

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African Wax Print Fabric by the yard. Designed with red, white lines with a think blue.





 African Wax Print Fabric at best quality, When most people think of African fabrics, the first thing that comes to mind is these traditional African wax prints.

Traditional – because they’ve been sold in African markets since the industrial revolution and many of the original designs are still popular today.

Contemporary – because today’s designers are creating new patterns to reflect modern tastes, as well as putting a contemporary spin on traditional designs.

All 100% cotton, these genuine wax prints are made in Cameroon. Dressmaking/craft weight: 150 grams per metre, approximately.

Fabrics are 115 cm / 45 in wide, approximately. Fat Quarters are 50 x 57 cm / 20 x 22 in, approximately.

Ordering lengths:

 African Wax Print Fabric , is cut into lengths in the factory and a paper label is stuck onto it near one end. We do not send out fabric with that label on it. Therefore, the longest single uncut length we can offer is 4.5 metres. If you order more than 4.5 metres, your fabric will come in more than a single piece. If in doubt, please contact us.

African Wax Print Fabric
African Wax Print Fabric


NB; To preserve the wax in the fabric, please dry clean only. You don’t mind losing the wax finish, machine wash on cold, line dry or tumble dry on low heat.

To choose the correct size for yourself, please measure your body and place your order or send us a picture of your current self.


Bust: With your arms relaxed at your sides, measure around the fullest part of your chest.

Waist: Measure around the narrowest part of your natural waist, generally around the belly button. To ensure a comfortable fit, keep one finger between the measuring tape and your body.

Hips: With your feet approximately 6″ apart, measure around the fullest part of your hips. This area usually corresponds to the top of your legs.


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