The Bamileke Princess Beautiful Attire

The Bamileke People and their princess Wear

Bamiléké is a collective term referring to the people of some 100 chiefdoms in the Western Province of Cameroon, and their descendants now living throughout the country and overseas. Bamiléké often use this collective term to refer to themselves, but also use the names of their specific chiefdoms. In these names, the prefix “ba” means “the people of.” Scholarly literature often refers to the culture using the names of specific Bamiléké chiefdoms or locales. These include Aghem, Babadjou, Bafang, Bafou, Bafoussam, Bagam, Baloum, Bamaha, Bamendjina, Bamendjou, Bamenkoumbit, Bamenyam, Bana, Bandjou, Bangangté, Bangoua, Bangwa, Bangwa-Fontem, Bapi, Batcham, Batchingou, Bati, Batié, Dschang, Fe’e Fe’e, Fomopea, Fongondeng, Foto, Fotouni, and Mbouda.

However, wear it comes to their traditional Attire, the people used the traditional material called Ndep to make their dresses. The princess or the royal house hold uses the original Ndep or Ndop to make design their royal wear. The attire goes along with Beads necklace hand bangles with awesome queen Head beads on the crown.

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