Traditional Marriage

Cameroon Traditional Marriage the Best in the World when you wear Toghu

Cameroon Traditional Marriage, also referred to as the traditional wedding or marriage ceremony in Cameroon is a unique and cultural wedding tradition that has been practiced for generations. It has been a customary practice among the peoples of the Eastern and Western regions of Cameroon yet each tribe in West African has its own way of performing this native lifestyle.

Toghu Regalia for Traditional Wedding in Cameroon. Giving proper dressing is a necessary part of the preparation for any wedding ceremony.

Traditional Marriage Toghu wear

This Toghu Regalia is the perfect choice for a traditional wedding. It is handwoven with the best quality materials, and made to last, creating a lovely addition to any home. The Toghu Regalia comes in a variety of patterns, so you are sure to find one that matches your tastes perfectly, making it an excellent gift for special occasions

Toghu regalia for traditional wedding in Cameroon draws from the diverse cultures of Cameroon. The bride is dressed in Toghu, a colorful garment with large white pom-pom on the chest. Toghu is made from raffia fibers and given a Native American like pattern with intricate zigzags and colors such as yellow, red or blue.

If your heart is set on a traditional Cameroonian wedding, then the Toghu is what you need to bring out your inner princess or prince.